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Alexis Jaén, Founding partner


Working since 2000 as a graphic designer, coordinating the Marketing Management in other companies such as Bricoking, Enmarkinstant, PlanetKitchen, Jaerod Trading Shanghai and BK Business Center.

During these years providing a long experience to found Worldesigning in 2012 as a personal project to offer professional services to other companies.

«... Services offered with:»


With the experience, we offer seriousness and quality in delivered works.

On time

... we are agile in order to offer our jobs in a timely manner.

Any place

Nowadays, jobs can be sent anywhere in the world.


The satisfaction of our customers is our guarantee to keep growing

Graphic design

We design each of our works based on the needs of the content and publication to make it with a unique style, achieving a visual harmony in the design and layout. We managed to encourage the creativity of our team with the client and graphic production companies to have different points of view to finaly serve an excellent work at the end

«... some examples of graphic design works:»

Web design

Every time there are more people who have a computer and they enter to find out your website, that's why if you want to make itself known, it will not exist if you don´t have it present on a web or blog

We carry out an integral web development service for the creation of attractive and exclusive pages for all types of companies.

«... some examples of web design jobs:»

Corporate image

The corporate image is the most valuable asset of a company, because the values of a company are recorded, preventing it from being distorted or misused, providing an indispensable tool for workers and customers.

«... some examples of corporate image works:»


The packaging for the final consumer not only serves to contain, it also serves to communicate. Even if one product is better than another, at the end of a purchase, who makes the decision to take the product is the consumer, and the only thing that he´s looking at is a box, label or packaging that will make him decide

«... some examples of packaging works:»


To achieve our goal we need to make our work attractive to the customer, attractive to consumers to match correctly with what we want to communicate.TRIPLE AAA«:  Ser atractivo para el cliente, Atraer a los consumidores y Acertar con lo que se quiere comunicar.

You can hire design services (at any time) by selecting any of the plans we offer for a punctual or monthly work. We remind you that ... ««... doing a good job in a timely manner is saving money»

«... request a FREE quote and we set a plan:»

40 €
  • A price is set according to the hours needed.
  • The fixed price will be invoiced except for changes or modifications required by the client that were not contemplated.
  • VAT not included
140 €
  • A price is fixed for 4 hours according to the hours needed for the specific job.
  • The fixed price will be invoiced except for changes or modifications required by the client that were not contemplated. VAT not included
240 €
  • A price is fixed for 8 hours according to the hours needed for the specific job.
  • The fixed price will be invoiced except for changes or modifications required by the client that were not contemplated.
  • VAT not included
450 €
  • A fixed price of 20 hours for companies.
  • The fixed price will be invoiced except for changes or modifications of the client (requiring more hours of work than established).
  • VAT not included
Some Testimonials

Carlos López MartínezChief information systems in Greenalia S.A.

«Alexis has given us that extra professionalism that makes the difference in the world of marketing. We have been collaborating with Alexis for years and he is able to transform what seems complicated into something simple thanks to his management skills and his extensive knowledge in the marketing area, both at the creative level and in the way to translate it through the latest communication trends. I am sure that we will continue to collaborate with you for many years as the performance you bring us is beyond doubt. I encourage you to continue along this same line that will surely be full of successes. »

Enrique F. CocoDirector of Ferro-Brico Division at Imprex Europe S.L.

"Alexis is an extraordinary creative who makes the difficult easy, understanding and adapting with great skill messages of need in marketing actions with a great return of success. His training and experience in these areas has allowed him, during the period in the shared project with him, to provide us with infinite solutions whose results were remarkable and with the most important incentive of having always been able to adapt to work with very tight costs."

Alfons HurtadoOnline Business Controller – Girls division at H&M

«I coincided with Alexis Jaen working together on several projects for" Jaerod Shanghai "during the period from 2009 to 2013. During these years I successfully completed any of the tasks assigned with success and with more than satisfactory results. Their services were contracted to work on changing the image of the company, improving and updating the website, redesigning catalogs ... »

Jose Antonio Blanco HierroAssociate Director of Unilco S.L.Vice President of BBVA Uruguay.Coach Executive and Tean Coach in Benpensante Institute

Alexis is an excellent professional; Creative, reliable that provides solutions to planted problems. It also has great personal values. He is honest, complete, a person you can trust. »

Jose González-DansCorporate General Director-Professor

«I shared a few years of work with Alexis. I would highlight your creativity, its ability to generate ideas and its concern for a well done work"

Emile PorkE-Commerce consultant and international business development

«I have had the pleasure of working with Alexis on several projects at Jaerod Trading Shanghai. His creativity and attention to detail in the design of packaging, brochures and other product marketing tools make him stand out from other people in the market. Alexis always goes beyond what is asked of him, reaching deadlines without losing creativity."

Contact me

Estudio Worldesigning

Centro de Negocio BK

Espíritu Santo 12. Crta. N-VI, km 581

15165 Bergondo – A Coruña

981 779 335Send an email

Make an appointment

For appointments please contact before 647 70 23 73 or send an email.

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